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Paris in Love - Eloisa James I've never read anything else by Eliosa James and I've never been to Paris, but that didn't affect my enjoyment of this book. It's a fluffy read of facebook status updates (really), sometimes expanded, describing the life she and her family had in Paris for a year. It really gives a sense of day-to-day life in France, with lots of entries about food, fashion, art and kids. Since it's not plot-driven, it's the kind of book you can enjoy reading on-and-off.One part I want to remember is how she describes a book by Kate Braestrup that talks about a hinge moment - "the second when you hear news that changes your life forever...I wept...for the fear of that hinge moment in my own life, and the pure gratitude and relief of not having experienced it so far." I feel like that all the time.