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Kids Are Worth It!: giving your child the gift of inner discipline - Barbara Coloroso Within a few chapters of starting this book, I was already changing the way I parent. While we don't often need to punish our kids (luckily), we were resorting to a lot of bribing and negotiating to get things to happen. Coloroso explains why this isn't helping kids think for themselves or behave for the right reasons. It's actually not that hard to rephrase and change how I communicate, now that I'm aware of it. I also want to get my kids helping with chores more consistently now that I read this.One quote I'd like to remember, so I'll just write it here, is, "Children don't need many no's, any minilectures, unnecessary questions, empty threats, ultimatums, put-downs, warnings, or dictates. What they do need is support, explanations, encouragement, opportunities to be responsible, and invitations to think for themselves." (p. 101)