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The Apothecary - Maile Meloy, Ian Schoenherr Real-life, 1950s England that incorporates the magic of an apothecary and adventures of two young teens. I loved how this book started, but as with Breadcrumbs, once the fantasy part started it lost its believability. I've read plenty of fantasy that remained believable, and maybe it's just the editor in me, but here are a few details that stuck out. I guess they're sort of spoilers: 1. Three kids pull off mixing a concoction to make them invisible in a chemistry lab without knowing the language. It shouldn't be so easy.2. The Apothecary takes off in the boat without a word to his son he might not see again.3. Janie is too exhausted to talk to her parents, yet stays up to write about the entire encounter in her diary.I also had a hard time with Janie's age and who exactly this book would be for. She's a 9th-grader and has a few 9th grade attributes (recognizing the smell of gin, a kiss doesn't freak her out), but in many ways this seems written for a younger audience.