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A Family of Readers: The Book Lover's Guide to Children's and Young Adult Literature - Roger Sutton, Martha V. Parravano I've been savoring this book since a good friend gave it to me for Christmas last year - savoring because it's so full of information, and because it takes some time to digest it all. There are short essays about children's and teen books, often by famous authors, and presented in the order of a child's growth. It's similar in feel to the journal Horn Book, likely because Horn Book's editors also edited this. It's a great resource for parents and librarians, and of particular interest if you're both.A few lines I especially loved:From Roger Sutton's intro: "Adults can be like this with children's books, looking for utility or edification, and completely forgetting what drew them into reading in the first place. Given the chance, kids will read the same way adults do: for themselves. Don't think of books for young people as tools; try instead to treat them as invitations into the reading life.From Sarah Ellis' "Banana Peels at Every Step": The writer for children, however, is humbled by the fact that, when the laff-o-meter is running, all this artfulness can be completely trumped by a phrase such as peanut butter belly button.From Janet McDonald's "Where Snoop and Shakespeare Meet": Well, soapboxes are for soap and soap is for washing clean. Books give off light, and light reveals the dirty, the clean, and the in-between.