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Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race - Jon Stewart, Rory Albanese, Kevin Bleyer, Rich Bloomquist, Steve Bodow, Tim Carvell, Wyatt Cenac, Hallie Haglund, J.R. Havlan, David Javerbaum, Elliott Kalan, Josh Lieb, Sam Means, Jo Miller, John Oliver, Daniel Radosh, Jason Ross DK-style overview of everything, really. There was usually one item per page that made me laugh out loud, plus I actually learned a few things. Much of the humor wouldn't make sense wihout a level of cultural literacy, and obviously if you don't think Jon Stewart is funny, this probably isn't for you. I didn't finish it, though - too much fiction waiting for me, and it's not the type of book you can just sit and read for an hour.