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Splendors and Glooms - Laura Amy Schlitz I loved this book. It's spooky and dark, and reminded me of "Night Circus" by Morgenstern. The different character's perspectives are pieced together so masterfully. It's long, but never gets boring. The children depicted are imperfect and real, and the adult character of Madama is particularly complex and interesting.I think that adult professionals will read it and love it, but I worry that many kids won't discover it (unless it wins the Newbery, of course). Because it is long at almost 400 pages and the writing is sophisticated, I plan to suggest it to fantasy-lovers who crave long books, as well as older elementary-school kids who ask for scary stories. Considering that "Mark of Athena" has 457 holds and this one has 3, it needs librarians and teachers who love it to get it into the right hands.