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Countdown - Deborah Wiles It's embarrassing how little I know about the 1960s. It seems like we always ran out of time in the school year and we never got to it. Ask me about the colonies though!I loved the details of 1962 in Countdown, and especially the fear surrounding the Cuban Missile Crisis and how a girl would respond to that. The documentary style with the photos, quotes and lyrics was fun, though I wasn't sure who was supposed to be writing the report-style entries, with their kid-like comments but events that dated into later years - this was probably my only criticism of the book.Even without the great historical setting, this book succeeds in portraying the insecurities of upper-elementary school brilliantly. Friendships, neighbors, families, parties - it really brought me back to being that age, and I suspect kids who read it feel a little more understood.Loved this book.